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Codes & Guidelines

Great places are defined not primarily by land use but by the design and function of their streets and public spaces, the scale and character of their buildings, and the nature of their urban landscapes - subjects that conventional zoning codes are not well equipped to predictably implement. The development codes, zoning standards and design guidelines that we prepare start with the community’s vision for their future, and then reverse engineer it into a “kit of parts” that reflects the essential character and quality of the streets, the parks, the housing, the shops and offices that the community agreed upon. Our codes perform all the functions of typical zoning codes - effectively regulating the basics of land use, setbacks, height and parking - along with vital additional layers of design information to help ensure that each new development represents “more of our town” rather than just another placeless "project."  Supplementing our development codes, our design guidelines can provide a further, flexible layer of guidance for site design, building massing, architecture, landscape and signage.