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Transit-Oriented Development

Transit-oriented development – neighborhoods and centers organized and designed to leverage the value existing rail and bus lines – and its cousin, transit-ready development – organized in relation to future transit lines – represent simple and sensible place-making strategies for sustainable communities.  The basic principles of transit-oriented development are the same those for sustainable urban placemaking in general – balanced networks of complete streets and flexible mixes of uses – but with the use intensities calibrated upward as supported by the transit service provided.  The option of transit expands the lifestyle and economic possibilities for residents, employers and retailers, and enables compact urban footprints that generate lower levels of air pollution and traffic congestion than conventional suburban development.  Our T.O.D. experience includes revitalization plans for existing commuter rail and light rail station areas, sprawl repair plans for new T.O.D. centers along planned bus rapid transit (B.R.T.) lines, brownfield and greenfield station area development around existing and planned Amtrak and high speed rail stations, and transit-oriented employment districts.