At their regular meeting on November 6, 2019 the Rancho Cucamonga City Council heard the second reading of an ordinance to adopt the 4,400-acre Etiwanda Heights Neighborhood & Conservation Plan.

The ordiance was passed unanimously on a 5-0 vote, culminating a 4 1/2 year process of intensive community and environmental analysis, planning, and design, and extensive community outreach and engagement. The specific plan was prepared by a large multi-disciplinary team of City staff and consulting professional firms, led by Sargent Town Planning and directed by the City Manager's office and planning department.

The Plan provides a clear vision, highly customized development standards and design guidelines, and robust implementation strategies and procedures for delivering up to 3,000 housing units, a small neighborhood-serving commercial center, an extensive network of parks, trails and and new school within the 800 acre Neighborhood Area, and for systematically conserving approximately 3,600 acres of rural open space and natural habitat in the Rural/Conservation Area along the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains, abutting the San Bernardino National Forest.  The neighborhood development standards emphasize native landscape materials, a mix of housing options and indigenous architectural styles for the lower Neighborhood Area - consistent with earlier specific plans prepared for Etiwanda in 1982 and 1992 - and state of the art standards and incentives for habitat conservation and rural living in the  upper Rural/Conservation Area.  Following Plan adoption the City plans to submit an application for annexation to the Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) of the County of San Bernardino, to gain local land use control of the future of this unique area for the benefit of future generations.

Andrew Krizman, Javier Ballesteros,

We are very pleased to announce that three new members joined our core team of full-time staff in 2019.  In August Andrew Krizman has joined us as a Senior Associate, bringing to our team his distinguished educational background and broa

We are very pleased to announce that three new members joined our core team of full-time staff in 2019.  In August Andrew Krizman has joined us as a Senior Associate, bringing to our team his distinguished educational background and broad professional experience. Since his graduation in 2013 from the University of Notre Dame with a degree in architecture, he worked throughout the country and around the world as an independent urban planner and designer, a key member of large multi-disciplinary teams for urban and architectural projects of many sizes, scales and types.  As he joined us Andrew was finishing the thesis for his Master of Science degree in Sustainable Urbanism from Oxford University.  His role on our team is broad and focused on design, working closely with our principals and clients, and guiding our other associates and designers and subconsultants to shape, illustrate, and document each plan at the high level to which we always aspire.

In September we were joined by Javier Ballesteros Márquez, upon his graduation from Notre Dame with a Master of Urban Design degree, prior to which he received a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Seville and completed professional internships in Spain, Poland and the U.S.  In October Martin Serrano Cordova joined our team, having been graduated from Notre Dame with a Bachelor of Architecture, with a minor in sustainability, and completed 2 years of professional experience as a designer with DPZ CoDesign. Please look for bios of all our staff on the Team page of this website. 

Speaking of which, we did not formally announce the arrival of Eryan Gwin and Russell Toler in our studio in October of 2018 and January of 2019, respectively.  We are equally pleased that they chose to join us, and have rapidly become the core of our growing team.  They have been working closely with our principals and long-time consulting associates, supported by a series of talented intern designers who each spent a few months with us in 2019, and have now returned to complete their degrees in Holland and at the University of Notre Dame.  We could not be more pleased with Eryan's and Russell's design, form-based code, and project management contributions to our work, and the opportunity to now expand our core team of full-time staff to 7.

We are extremely pleased to announce that Peter VanderWal is now a Principal of Sargent Town Planning.

Peter has for the past decade been a senior member of the firm, working closely with David Sargent and our clients and teams of collaborators on project and plan design, as well as directing the production of our plans and codes.  Peter has been taking an increasing share of the responsiblity for project, team and practice management, and this expanded leadership role is recognized by his designation as a Principal of the firm.  Simultaneously David Sargent's title becomes Senior Principal, other core team members receive the title of Associate, with one Senior Associate joining the team in August.

Neighborhood Meeting

On Monday, April 29 at Claremont City Hall, Sargent Town Planning and City staff presented a preview draft of the Village South Specific Plan to plan area property owners and interested Claremont residents.

The City/Sargent team has prepared the draft Plan over the past six months, based on a set of planning goals and principles endorsed by the City’s Architectural and Planning Commissions and City Council, which in turn were based on initial plan area analysis, several previous public workshops, conceptual design studies, and property owner input. The presentation was followed by questions and answers and then informal discussion around topic-area stations in the room. The Plan was well received and a good deal of constructive input was provided by participants. The preview draft plan will be published online for further review within a week or so, and a complete public draft will be available by early June. The EIR will be available for public review in July.

On the evening of April 24, Sargent Town Planning assisted Rancho Cucamonga city staff in presenting a Directors Report on the Draft Etiwanda Heights Neighborhood & Conservation Plan to the City’s Planning Commission. The Plan designates over 3,500 acres of foothill terrain as Rural open spac

e, conservation and very limited rural development, and over 800 acres for development as walkable neighborhoods. The Plan provides detailed development standards and guidelines for neighborhood and rural enviroments, and includes an extensive, well funded conservation plan and transfer of development rights (TDR) program. The Plan is the result of almost 4 years of City/STP collaboration, including extensive habitat surveys and analysis, conceptual plan alternatives and Planning Commission workshops, and a yearlong community engagement process that included surveys, workshops and open house. The plan and associated environmental impact report are currently available online for public review and comment.

At its 2018 Regional Conference & General Assembly in Indian Wells, the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) presented Sustainability Awards in six categories, including the "Against All Odds Award" presented to the City of San Fernando for its Corridors Specific Plan. 

At its 2018 Regional Conference & General Assembly in Indian Wells, the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) presented Sustainability Awards in six categories, including the "Against All Odds Award" presented to the City of San Fernando for its Corridors Specific Plan. 

Sargent Town Planning prepared the plan through a sometimes contentious public engagement process of almost four years - under a grant from the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) - ending with the City Council's enthusiastic adoption of the Plan in late 2017.  The awards were presented by Randall Winston, the Executive Director of the Strategic Growth Council, the State agency that provides much of the funding that SCAG and Metro award to cities to support planning focused on long-term sustainability.  Accepting the award were (above, left to right); Jack Wong, Interim Community Development Director at plan adoption; Peter VanderWal, senior urban designer with Sargent Town Planning; City Manager Alex Meyerhoff; Vice Mayor Antonio Lopez; Finance Director Nick Kimball; Community Development Director Tim Hou; and David Sargent.

New 11th Floor Offices

To enable us to continue to grow, while sharing our studio with frequent collaborators, Sargent Town Planning has leased the 11th floor of the building we've been in since early 2015.  We were previously a sub-tenant to Nelson Nygaard Consulting Associates on the 12th floor, along with Raimi+Asso

ciates and Lisa Wise Consulting, where things were getting a bit crowded.  So when the 11th floor became available we took it , and the building owners have done a beautiful job remaking the space to our design.  Raimi+Associates and Lisa Wise Consulting have moved with us, and we've also been joined by Meridian Consultants and Sherwood Design Engineers. This move provides our five firms, and Nelson Nygaard, with room to grow, upgraded techology, and plenty of shared spaces for meetings and collaboration.

Claremont Village South Workshop #1

On Saturday, July 15, 2017, the City of Claremont held the first public workshop at the Alexander Hughes Community Center to solicit public input on the Village South Specific Plan.

 The event was attended by over 50 citizens and produced many thoughtful comments and good ideas regarding a plan for the area along Indian Hill Avenue just south of Claremont Village.  The workshop began with an introduction by City staff and David Sargent of Sargent Town Planning, including background on the project, early observations about the project area, and some potential planning and urban design concepts and options.  Attendees were then divided into small working groups to develop and prioritize their ideas for the plan, with results then shared with the entire group.  These ideas will form the basis for a draft vision plan which will be presented in Planning Commission and City Council workshops in the fall, and brought back to a second public workshop toward the end of the year.