Rancho Cucamonga General Plan Update - Public Review Draft

Mixed-use center surrounding Metrolink/High-Speed Rail Station Plaza

The Public Review Draft of Rancho Cucamonga's comprehensive General Plan Update was posted for public review on June 16. The Plan can be found by simply Googling PlanRC. As part of a large multi-disciplinary team retained by the City, Sargent Town Planning has been leading the work on the general plan vision and preparing a new Land Use and Community Design Element that is based on Place Types rather than conventional land use designations.  Throughout 2020, City staff and Circlepoint led an expansive Plan RC public engagement process that included numerous community stakeholder meetings, community surveys, and virtual public meetings and workshops.  STP supported that process by preparing richly illustrated presentations, including mapping, imagery and illustrations of potential development and public space typologies for the the future of each part of this large and diverse community.  Based on robust community input, STP and the rest of the team collaborated in compiling prefered elements and conccepts into plan alternatives that were presented back to the community.  Based on the community's expressed preferences, and on State planning policiy and economic and fiscal imperatives, the team then defined a preferred alternative and STP crafted a highly illlustrated Land Use and Community Design Element.  The Element includes 8 "Focus Area Plans" for areas in which significant near- and mid-term change is anticipated, some benefitting from significant collaboration with Torti Gallas Partners and Grimshaw Architects.  The public review period will conclude in mid-July, at which point the team will prepare updated documents for considertation by the Planning Commission and City Council.