Norco City Hall

At their regular meeting on June 7, the Norco City Council approved a contract to retain a multidisciplinary consultant team led by Sargent Town Planning to help the City prepare the first comprehensive update its General Plan since the 1990s.  Since that time, various Elements of the General Pla

n have been updated one at a time, and the City Council determined that it is now time to update them all in a coordinated and integrated fashion, including the recently adopted Housing Element that will help to inform updates to all the other elements. To complete this ambitious program, the STP Team includes several other consulting firms, including specialists in community engagement, traffic and mobility planning, economic development, hazard mitigation, and environmental planning and analysis.  The entire STP team is honored to be given this opportunity to collaborate with the City and community of Norco to prepare a visionary and practical plan that will help ensure that as Norco's population and economy grow and flourish in the coming decades, its essential semi-rural "Horsetown USA" character and lifestyle are preserved and enhanced. 

Watsonville City Hall

At their regular meeting on November 15 , the Watsonville City Council selected a multi-discplinary consultant team led by Sargent Town Planning to prepare the first comprehensive update to the City's General Plan since the 2005 General Plan was prepared in 1993.  Since that time, the City has un

dertaken many planning studies, including a draft General Plan Update approximately 15 years ago that was never adopted due to a number of technical and legal challenges.  The new 2050 General Plan will be based on that good previous work, on a robust, inclusive community engagement process, and on extensive community design visioning and technical analysis and will bring the City's General Plan into compliance with current State law and 21st century best practices.  Under a separate contract, the City has retained Kimley-Horn Associates to update the Housing Element of the General Plan, and STP will work collaboratively with that team to ensure good coordination among all Elements of the updated General Plan.  Over the past several years - as the urban design lead for the Watsonville Downtown Specific Plan team - STP had the pleasure of getting to know and admire the community.  The entire STP team is honored and pleased to be given this opportunity to continue working collaboratively with the City and community of Watsonville to prepare a visionary and practical plan to guide Watsonville's growth and change over the coming decades. 

Hwy 111 as Envisioned in the 2019 General Plan

The City of Indio has retained a team led by Bay Area Economics and Sargent Town Planning to prepare a specific plan for the historic Highway 111 Corridor that runs through the center of Indio.  The plan is funded by an SB 2 Grant, intended to facilitate the development of new housing within the

250-acre corridor, much of which is still vacant land.  The team helped City staff lead an initial study session with the City Council, reviewing with them the  vision for the Corridor as defined in the recently adopted General Plan Update, and sharing what the team has learned and heard so far through existing conditions analysis and conversations with major Corridor property owners and other stakeholders along with some initial urban design concepts.  The Council was very enthusiastic about the possibilities presented and shared their hopes for the evolution of the old highway toward a significant City Center boulevard, along which new mixed-use centers, visitor attractions, and diverse new neighborhoods would be well integrated with historic visitor attractions, a redeveloping shopping mall, the Riverside County Fairgrounds and justic center, the historic downtown, and adjoining existing neighborhoods.  STP previously collaborated with Raimi Associates and the City in preparing the new General Plan and the 111 Corridor vision, adopted in 2019, and subsequently worked with the City to prepare a new Downtown Specific Plan, adopted in 2020.

Central Southeast Planning Area

The City of Fresno has selected a consultant team led by Raimi + Associates and Sargent Town Planning to prepare the Central Southeast Area Specific Plan.  The 2,200 acre area has suffered from disinvestment in recent decades and is characterized by a mix of suburban housing developments, industr

ial uses, incomplete public facilities, and large undeveloped parcels.  The plan will provide a vision, policies and standards for more complete, better connected neighborhoods and centers, and market based strategies for reinvestment in infrastructure, private properties, and good quality neighborhood infill development.  The plan area is bounded on the north and west by the Downtown Neighborhoods Community Plan, the consultant team for which included Raimi + Associates and senior staff of Sargent Town Planning.  

Wilshire Boulevard

At their meeting of June 29, the Beverly Hills City Council approved a contract with Sargent Town Planning for the preparation of the Southeast Community Plan.

 The Plan encompasses an area of approximately 700 acres in the southeast quadrant of the City, including approximately 1 1/2 miles of Wilshire and Robertson Boulevards, and almost a mile of Olympic and La Cienega Boulevards and Doheny Drive.  The Plan is focused primarily on these major urban corridors, and how they may better contribute to the local economy and the quality of life of the residents of surrounding neighborhoods.  Working with the community and the Southeast Task Force, the consultant team will develop strategies and designs for rebalancing each corridor from an auto-dominant through route to a more pedestrian-oriented, mixed-use place that better supports commercial and civic amenties while providing improved all-mode mobility for residents and visitors.  The first of Beverly Hills' two new Purple Line Metro subway stations - now beginning construction - is located at the corner of Wilshire and La Cienega, and the Plan will include "first/last mile" improvements to leverage the value of this major regional infrastructure investment for the residents of Beverly Hills.

The City of Indio selected a team led by Raimi + Associates and Sargent Town Planning to update their general plan.

 A top priority for the update will be defining a comprehensive vision for evolving old Highway 111, a defunct retail mall, and vacant and underutlized properties to a city center boulevard with mixed-use centers and walkable neighborhoods, well connected to a revitalized downtown district and civic center just to the north. STP will lead the team's work with the community to reimagine this area, and to better connect it to the newer neighborhoods and retail centers north of the freeway, and to the Coachella Festival grounds to the south.  A unifying circulation and public space framework plan and place-based land use designations for the entire City will be the firm's main deliverables, weaving together the many existing and future development projects into a unified city plan. The R+A/STP team recently completed a similar effort for the City of Palm Desert, just to the west of Indio.

Indian Hill Corridor Plan Area

At their meeting on March 28, the Claremont City Council unanimously authorized the City Manager to enter into a contract with Sargent Town Planning (STP) to prepare a specific plan and environmental impact report for a 17-acre area at the south entrance to the historic Claremont Village.

City staff reported that STP's proposal was one of 15 received, and that after interviewing 5 teams the staff unanimously recommended the STP team for the job. The plan is funded primarily by the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro), under a TOD planning grant for this area within walking distance of Claremont' existing Metrolink station and planned Gold Line Station scheduled to open in 2025.  Key project objectives include enabling a valuable new mix of uses within currently underutilized and vacant properties, extending Claremont's unique village character south of the tracks, defining a beautiful south gateway to the Village from Arrow Highway, and providing new pedestrian and bicycle connections from neighborhoods south of the tracks to the new transit stations, the Village, and the colleges.  The STP team includes our frequent collaborators Raimi + Associates, Nelson\Nygaard, Metroplitan Research + Economics, Crabtree Group, Gibson Transportation, and Meridian Consultants.

Antelope Valley Hospital

Through a nationwide competitive selection process, Sargent Town Planning has been selected to work with the City of Lancaster and the Antelope Valley Healthcare District to prepare a master plan and development code for a 240 acre district in the center of Lancaster, California.

 For the past decade, the City has been systematically pursuing a strategy of reinvestment in its center, with a focus on complete, walkable, transit-servable, mixed-use places.  Successes to date include the remarkable revitalization of its downtown core and planning for transit-oriented development surrounding its commuter rail station area.  Just a half-mile to the west the Health District plan area - with well over 100 acres of vacant land surrounding the existing hospital - represents a rare opportunity to surround an existing healthcare facility with an urban district focused on community health and wellness.  

The plan will define a flexible framework for the expansion of the core healthcare campus, and for its integration into a surrounding mixed-use district that will include medical and health related uses, housing, support commercial, and civic spaces and facilities. Stakeholder engagement and conceptual design are underway, with a draft plan scheduled for public review by early 2017.  The STP team includes HGA Architecture for healthcare planning, HR&A for economic analysis and development strategy, Nelson/Nygaard and Stantec for transportation and infrastructure planning, Studio One Eleven for collaboration on infill types, and Meridian Consultants for environmental review.