Peter VanderWal

Managing Principal | Urban Planning & Design

Peter is the managing principal of the firm and a senior urban planner and designer with 15 years' experience designing and managing plans for pedestrian-oriented, transit-oriented, mixed-use urban places at a wide range of scales. His project experience includes downtown districts, employment districts, urban corridor transformation, transit-oriented development, and neighborhoods of many types.  He has led the design for many of the firm’s projects, and now as managing principal he directs our design studio and collaborates closely with David Sargent in guiding the firm's growth and managing its operations. He serves as  project director for many of our larger urban plans, guiding the project manager and multi-disciplinary team. 

In addition to strong plans and high-quality public realm designs for neighborhoods, districts and corridors of all types, Peter also enjoys and has successfully completed a range of unusual design assignments – tactical park and street improvements to jumpstart downtown activation, public art for freeway interchanges, public spaces designed around retired military aircraft, pedestrian-oriented streetscapes for auto dealerships – that periodically emerge from ourcl ients’ evolving needs. These assignments reflect our firm's commitment to helping communities develop strategies for building new value at all scales, and healing underperforming places of all types.