Andrew Krizman

Senior Associate | Urban Planning & Design

Andrew is a senior urban planner and designer, managing selected projects and working closely with our principals and clients to craft plans for sustainable, human scale, pedestrian- and transit-oriented places. His responsibilities include design direction for urban projects of all sizes and types, planning and place research, master plan design and management, and plan document writing and direction. Concurrently with joining the firm, Andrew completed his Master of Science degree in Sustainable Urbanism at Oxford University, and he continues to reinforce his professional practice with rigorous ongoing research.

For each new assignment, Andrew balances his knowledge of international best practices with place-specific solutions that emerge from careful analysis of the local context - and collaboration with clients and the community to define plans that meet the needs of public, private, and non-profit clients and the local community. Following his graduation in 2013 from the University of Notre Dame with a degree in architecture, Andrew practiced as an independent urban design and planning consultant, collaborating across disciplines and four continents to craft plans for sustainable urban places. As a senior designer on multi-disciplinary teams, he help to shape and illustrate urban plans in India, China, Costa Rica, Ecuador and France, and in Detroit, Savannah, Baton Rouge, Atlanta, and Seaside, Florida, ranging in scale from medieval building renovation to master plans for neighborhoods, towns, and major metropolitan districts.