Greg Tung

Associate Principal | Urban Design
Gregory Tung is an urban designer with over 35 years’ experience working with cities to craft community-based revitalization strategies.  He joined Sargent Town Planning in 2022 as an Associate Principal, directs and manages selected projects and is a key member of our core management team.  His work spans district and master plans for downtowns, arterial corridors, infill neighborhoods, and workplace and transit-oriented districts, design of distinctive, human-scale streets and other public spaces accented by gateways, landmark elements, and furnishings, and preparation of development standards and design guidelines to predictably implement the community’s vision.
Beginning in 1986, his work and collaborations have significantly contributed to successful place revitalizations including the California downtowns of Mountain View, Ventura, Lodi, Redwood City, Livermore, Tracy and Shafter, and in Phoenix, Arizona, and Bothell, Washington. He has led corridor revitalization plans in Montebello, Cathedral City, Oakland, San Fernando and Pomona, California, and district/neighborhood revitalizations in San Leandro, Fremont, Yuba City, Fountain Valley and Sunnyvale. Greg’s special passion is the design of town center streetscapes and public spaces, examples of which include Castro Street in Mountain View, School Street in Lodi, First Street in Livermore, a multiway boulevard in Bothell, Washington, and landmark and infrastructure elements in California cities San Leandro, Emeryville, Lodi, Redwood City, and Montebello, and in Phoenix, Arizona and Ames, Iowa. 
Greg has also provided design review and training services for development project review to the California cities of Pomona, Livermore, San Leandro, San Mateo, San Jose, and Milpitas, as well as Bothell, WA.  He has served as a Peer Reviewer for the General Services Administration Design Excellence Program and a resource member at four sessions at the Mayors’ Institute on City Design.  He has been a speaker at the Congress for the New Urbanism, American Planning Association and U.C. Berkeley College of Environmental Design.