Rancho Cucamonga General Plan Adopted

Foothill Blvd (Historic Route 66) as Transit Boulevard

At their meeting on December 15, the Rancho Cucamonga City Council unanimously and enthusiastically adopted PlanRC, a comprehensive update of the City’s General Plan.  The Plan – based on extensive community engagement and outreach –  envisions and provides policies. implementation strategies and procedures for transforming a number of major street corridors from suburban arterial thoroughfares to multi-modal city center boulevards that balance accommodation of vehicular traffic with new transit facilities and high-quality sidewalks and bikeways.  Along these boulevards, new mixed-use and residential development will be mixed with and interconnected with existing retail and commercial facilities to form mixed-use community activity centers and infill neighborhoods that provide residents, workers and shoppers with robust and equitable access to goods, services, jobs and a wide array of housing choices.  This was in response to the clear community request for "more nice places to go, and more ways to get there." The Plan also prioritizes the conservation of existing neighborhoods and natural open spaces, and the creation of new employment districts that offer residents expanded local job opportunities.  Sargent Town Planning was a core member of the large team of City staff and consulting firms who worked together with the community over nearly two years to craft PlanRC.  STP is providing ongoing General Plan implementation services to the City.