Mountain View City Council endorses housing concepts for North Bayshore District

At their meeting on November 10, the Mountain View City Council endorsed the concept of introducing up to 9,100 housing units into the North Bayshore District. The 2014 North Bayshore Precise Plan - prepared by the team of Raimi+Associates, Sargent Town Planning, Nelson/Nygaard and others - provided a vision plan, development standards and implementation strategies to transform the existing 1970s business park to a transit-oriented, mixed-use employment district. Council sentiment at the time was opposed to including housing in North Bayshore, but in early 2015 asked City staff and the Raimi/Sargent team to study options for including housing.  The alternatives presented to the Council represent several month's work by the team, which now also includes Van Meter Williams Pollock and Seifel Consulting. The team will work with City staff to refine the alternatives and incorporate appropriate standards and guidelines into the plan.