Our Team is Growing

Andrew Krizman
Javier Ballesteros

We are very pleased to announce that three new members joined our core team of full-time staff in 2019.  In August Andrew Krizman has joined us as a Senior Associate, bringing to our team his distinguished educational background and broad professional experience. Since his graduation in 2013 from the University of Notre Dame with a degree in architecture, he worked throughout the country and around the world as an independent urban planner and designer, a key member of large multi-disciplinary teams for urban and architectural projects of many sizes, scales and types.  As he joined us Andrew was finishing the thesis for his Master of Science degree in Sustainable Urbanism from Oxford University.  His role on our team is broad and focused on design, working closely with our principals and clients, and guiding our other associates and designers and subconsultants to shape, illustrate, and document each plan at the high level to which we always aspire.

In September we were joined by Javier Ballesteros Márquez, upon his graduation from Notre Dame with a Master of Urban Design degree, prior to which he received a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Seville and completed professional internships in Spain, Poland and the U.S.  In October Martin Serrano Cordova joined our team, having been graduated from Notre Dame with a Bachelor of Architecture, with a minor in sustainability, and completed 2 years of professional experience as a designer with DPZ CoDesign. Please look for bios of all our staff on the Team page of this website. 

Speaking of which, we did not formally announce the arrival of Eryan Gwin and Russell Toler in our studio in October of 2018 and January of 2019, respectively.  We are equally pleased that they chose to join us, and have rapidly become the core of our growing team.  They have been working closely with our principals and long-time consulting associates, supported by a series of talented intern designers who each spent a few months with us in 2019, and have now returned to complete their degrees in Holland and at the University of Notre Dame.  We could not be more pleased with Eryan's and Russell's design, form-based code, and project management contributions to our work, and the opportunity to now expand our core team of full-time staff to 7.