New 11th Floor Studio

New 11th Floor Offices

To enable us to continue to grow, while sharing our studio with frequent collaborators, Sargent Town Planning has leased the 11th floor of the building we've been in since early 2015.  We were previously a sub-tenant to Nelson Nygaard Consulting Associates on the 12th floor, along with Raimi+Associates and Lisa Wise Consulting, where things were getting a bit crowded.  So when the 11th floor became available we took it , and the building owners have done a beautiful job remaking the space to our design.  Raimi+Associates and Lisa Wise Consulting have moved with us, and we've also been joined by Meridian Consultants and Sherwood Design Engineers. This move provides our five firms, and Nelson Nygaard, with room to grow, upgraded techology, and plenty of shared spaces for meetings and collaboration.