STP Presents North Eastern Sphere Annexation Plan concepts to the Rancho Cucamonga Planning Commission

In a an evening study session the Rancho Cucamonga Planning Commission received the STP team's presentation of the goals and initial concepts for habitat conservation and restoration of the large majority of the City's 4,388-acre North Eastern Sphere Annexation Plan Area, and the development of new walkable neighborhoods and mixed-use town center to underwrite the cost of conservation.  The presentation included habitat analysis and conservation strategies, a flexible framework for walkable mixed housing type neighborhoods, and conceptual designs for a town center in a former gravel mine with shops along a "Wilson Avenue main street" with restaurants around a major plaza overlooking a preserve running through the center of the site.  The neighborhood design emphasizes access to recreational trails and views of the mountains, valley, and open space preserve.  The Commission was supportive of the concepts presented and indicated they look forward to seeing the plan again when the conservation plan is further developed.