Business as Usual / Office Closed for a Month

11th Floor

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, we began working remotely on March 17.  On March 20, in response to the mayor's and governor's orders, our office building was locked down until at least April 19.

We have always been configured for flexible, mobile and remote working and have a wide array of online collaboration tools, cloud storage and remote server access, so the effect of this emergency on our ability to continuously conduct business as usual and respond to the needs of our existing and future clients and collaborators is effectively zero. 

Our office phone numbers all forward to our mobile phones, we are checking email as usual, conducting team meetings and client meetings of all types through screensharing and video-conferencing apps, and producing and delivering documents and presentations electronically, as is our usual practice.  Please contact us at any time for any reason.  Except for not being able to meet with us at our office for a few weeks, you should notice absolutely no difference.

We are  following all the recommended social distancing and hygiene practices to keep ourselves and our families safe, and hope that you are also.  Please stay safe and be well, as we need all our valued collaborators and clients.  We look foward to seeing you in person when this crisis passes, which should be reasonably soon if most people follow the good advice of medical professionals who actually know what they are talking about.

And yes, that's a live shot of the office.  Nest camera, we're not there.

All the best,

David Sargent