Russell Toler

Associate, Urban Planning & Form-Based Codes

Russell Toler is an urban planner with four years' professional experience working for cities in Southern California prior to joining Sargent Town Planning. With this public sector background of working with project applicants, reviewing development plans, and processing entitlements, he understands the processes that shape new development and the importance of clear, intuitive codes and regulatory documents.  Russell is passionate about helping communities ensure that growth and change systematically generate human-scale, walkable places, and studied and contributed to form-based codes over a three-year internship with Tony Perez, a former staff member of Sargent Town Planning and now the Form-Based Codes Director for our colleagues at Opticos Design and senior code advisor to our firm. Russell works closely with our principals and design team, focusing his efforts on planning analysis, design and code development, design guideline integration, and writing and refining documents of all types.