Elisabet Ollé Amat

Elisabet is a Senior Associate with Sargent Town Planning, bringing to our team over 10 years of experience in urban analysis, planning, design and graphic storytelling to communicate complex topics and systems to professional and lay audiences. She has worked at a wide range of scales, designing buildings and master plans for neighborhoods, districts, and cities throughout the US, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.  In the past few years, she has worked on plans for rransit-oriented development and train stations, corridor revitalization, and regenerative masterplans of various types in Los Angeles, West Hollywood, Compton, Sacramento, San Jose, Las Vegas, Rancho Cucamonga, Tempe and Chicago. Through this work, she has helped cities, community members and developers to evaluate and understand their assets and challenges, while helping to connect and empower the community to create a better plan for their neighborhood and their city.

Prior to Joining STP, Elisabet worked in the Regen Cities initiative, helping to identify, target, and develop projects that can make communities more equitable and liveable. Within this initiative, she developed a new urban analysis methodology called "Health Topography", esssentially an "urban MRI" that employs available city data to identify the areas of prosperity and decay within the city.  This analytical tool enables urban planners and designers to pinpoint and evaluate potential public and private improvement projects that can help catalyze beneficial change. This Methodology won the ‘2018 APA Technology Division Smart City Award’. Elisabet earned her Master of Architecture and Urban Design degree from UCLA with a project focusing on the future of Sustainable Los Angeles County.